Pedicularis Densiflora Review And Information

 Name: Pedicularis Densiflora Other Names: Aka Indian Warrior

Pedicularis Densiflora

Indian Warrior was used medicinally as a muscle relaxant and is thought to be smoked by at least one Native American tribe for its narcotic effects and is reported to produce a delightful smoke.

Like others of its genus, it is a root parasite, attaching to the roots of other plants to obtain nutrients and water. This species is a facultative parasite, or hemiparasite, in that it can live without attaching to another plant but will parasitize if presented with the opportunity. It often parasitizes plants of the heath family, such as manzanita. Indian warrior is native to California and Oregon in western North America and is found in forests and woodlands at low elevation.

Indian Warrior is the most potent strain of Pedicularis species.
Very little is known about this particular pedicularis species. Itís been said that it was used by Native Americans medicinally, but we know of no historical shamanic or ritual use of this plant.

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Am going to try all Pedicularis before settling for one, but Indian Warrior i have tried, and it is truly a great end of the day incense. You got troubles sleeping? Well a o.z. of I.W. is much more worth the price then any pills or prescription medication. Its a must-have at all times for me.

This is a really nice herb, smooth kinda sweet nutty flavor on the exhale, very relaxing smoke.

love this stuff. nice and thick, sweet tasting smoke, full of flavor. roll up a batch of these, put them in your pocket and enjoy them throughout your day!

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